Episode 9: Modernizing the Mafia

Patrick wonders if a more diverse and inclusive agenda could reinvigorate La Cosa Nostra. Michael and Sammy explain why that could never happen.

7 thoughts on “Episode 9: Modernizing the Mafia”

  1. Wow!!
    Simply historic!!!
    Congratulations on achieving such an exceptional task, I hope they both can continue to get along enough to bring us more material.
    Patrick you are the real Boss!

  2. This was awesome just finished love this concept. Would love to see Ralph or John alive sit with them as well for a season 2 or something if possible or that mob lawyer mayor from vegas or crazy Phil that would be awesome!

  3. You guys left out the security aspect of only letting Italians become members. If you’re Italian most likely they know you’re family and might even related. If that’s the case you’re less likely to be law enforcement and also become an informant.

  4. I am still in the process of watching and I love 💘it so far. Thanks to Sammy and Michael for the sit down, and the crew who had the guts to stay and Patrick for the balls to sit with them.

  5. I was hesitant to pay the 40 bucks but the “Mafia Made” channel convinced me to believe it or not. I agree with most of Mike’s points, I think Sammy is missing the point in some debates, but I prefer the Bull’s channel overall. Great stuff either way.

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