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Episode 6: The Two Families

Sammy and Michael claim the United States Government is now acting like the new Mafia … and Rudy doesn’t entirely disagree.

2 thoughts on “Episode 6: The Two Families”

  1. The Godfather just took a knee, there is a new Boss in town. MSA will go down in history as thee greatest pieces of work concerning the largest criminal enterprise in this nations history, aside from the government! Way to go Valuetainment! Bringing these two men together and the mayor in this fashion puts to sleep every movie, book, podcast, and interview prior. Best of luck on your next project, because this will be hard to top. In closing, Lets Go Adam!!!

  2. At 00:17:19 Michael says he doesn’t know why he managed to escape the fate of his siblings (addiction, death, mental illness…).

    Perhaps, if Michael is actually not Sonny’s blood son, it’s because he doesn’t have the Franzese gene that produced such outcomes?
    Family genes and characteristics are a powerful thing.

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