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Episode 5: mafia states of america

Sammy and Michael claim the United States Government is now acting like the new Mafia … and Rudy doesn’t entirely disagree.

3 thoughts on “Episode 5: Mafia States of America”

  1. Watched first 5 episodes and as a 67 year old former Brooklyn Bensonhurst resident their conversations about things to me is very accurate . And I will say that although I believe Michael to be truthful and honest about his feelings , Sammy is true mafia and his cooperating for whatever his reasons haunts him, for his values are more in line with Sonny Franzese . And in my view Michael was a participate in a sanctioned family WORK ,for sure , and I am sure that haunts him too . But also in the end they both are in this mafia genre for the money it provides , period. Whether its directly or indirectly thru their own platforms but thats ok ,as its business without hurting anyone . The idea of helping etc is secondary to helping their families first and thats quite obvious to me . But it is also business and they have a right to make a living on the back end of their stories . Honestly coming from the old neighborhood and never involved but always aware of that scene its nothning new . but for the guy from Utah or Nebraska its fascinating . for me its memories of how things use to me so im entertained .

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