Episode 3: Breaking Omertà

Michael and Sammy debate what is and isn’t “Omertà” and whether or not all oaths are worth keeping. Patrick asks if they had to do it all over again, would they have done it the same way?

5 thoughts on “Episode 3: Breaking Omertà”

  1. Honestly I’m in awe at the production of this sit down. Great stuff!!! I love how honest Sammy is throughout the interview that man does not hold back on his views and I respect that. Also the way Michael explains his points in a calm manner is great!
    Great job guys!


    For those of us who had someone close who was in the life, this sitdown was EPIC! As real as it gets, STB is a larger than life star!

  3. Notice how Michael adapts to his surrounding and observes Sammy. He knows Sammy wants to be the one in control so he lets him or pretend to give Sammy the light. Michael is very street smart and has charisma. Michael moves very smart a poker face and slow to talk. Listens well I see way he lasted so long.

  4. It is humanity exposed bare and raw. Everything you could possibly learn is contained here. Everyone can learn from this. And the title track is hot as fuck. And im a lifelong metal guy

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