Episode 10: I Give You My Hand

It all boils down to this, the moment of truth when Sammy and Michael show the world the “Real” Cosa Nostra.

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  1. Finished all 10 episodes entertaining in that we see two different products of the life . But again Sammy wanted that life for all its principles and supposed values while Michael only chose it as a means to an end re his dada and family but he also indirectly believed in its supposed values . Much easier for Michael to walk away from it . While although Sammy walked, his core ,is still that life . My finally 2 cents is. I do believe Sammy was correct in being upset with Michaels witsec podcast video including him especially after this sit down meeting . Although , Michael was correct in his statements about witsec and honestly SAMMY is the lead guy of what’s wrong with witsec .But should let someone else say it Anyway was entertaining to watch minus the wind noise in the background hahahaha

  2. Loved this it was truly amazing to see these 2 men sit n talk together I really appreciate it n hope that there is something else coming out from all of this thanks for this beautiful show love

  3. Very well done. I hope both Donald Trump and Obama watch this. Perhaps we can finally get them to a sit down to unite our country. No Biden. It has to be Obama. Biden is a number 2+. He’s not the “boss” that needs to sit across from Donald Trump. It has to be Obama. That sit down unites our country if they consider it and actually do it.

    1. Man… I agree w/99% of what you just said, except that I think President Biden, as the man who defeated Trump w/the most votes by any Presidential candidate ever, forget about the reasons, would be healing, too. Just as healing as if it was done by Obama.

  4. Best way to spend a 40 dollars. Beautiful project. All the right questions asked. So many names shared to confirm that both guys were a part of that life at the time. Watched it in one go.


  5. Wow….what an amazing sit down.i could watch this a million times over and never be tired of it. Would luv to see a second sit down answering more questions mob related. Like JFK, the mob wives series, more in depth information on Sonny.maybe thoughts on Victoria gotti, Jimmy hoffa, and Gianni russo.so many questions. Thanks so much for putting in the hard work to make this happen. I loved every second I’d it.

  6. I can’t say that this was disappointing in anyway I don’t believe it deserved the “sit down”title it wasn’t fit to that model perception HOWEVER that is the only bend I have on the whole bit … With that being addressed I will ,do still and most likely always place the Life upon the pedisal where it truly belongs from my pov. We need

  7. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to see this sit down for months now. The team did an incredible job at editing and producing this. Patrick does an amazing job at interviewing as usual and I feel that they hit it out the park. As a Christian I thought that the end of the serious and how the allowed Michael to share without editing it out was refreshing. Thank you for doing this.

  8. Bravo!!!!

    I enjoyed every part of this sit down.

    Learned so much, and have tremendous Respect for both of these men.

    And a Message for Sammy, your Honesty will always be what I love about you sir!

  9. Their both “ RATS “ : and both are full of shit . Michael is totally & completely a con man, Sammy is sincere & the real deal., but they are not in the league as ( Sonny. ) They took their 30 pieces of silver, & the cock crowed 3 times , for both of them.

  10. Just finished all the episodes. I really really enjoyed it. It was very unique and both Michael and Sammy made valid points.
    Sitting here in Australia watching, let’s hope there are some U.S politicians watching and taking notice. The most dangerous thing at the moment is the left wing ideology and cancel culture etc.
    Let’s hope the USA can get back to being where it should be otherwise it’s going to be a very very difficult time ahead for us all especially with the global enemy…….. China.

  11. Have to be honest…not as good as I thought it would be..heard alot of previous stories from both Michael and sammy that were previously aired on their individual podcasts…

  12. Bravo Patrick! Gotta say this was one of the best if not the best interviews I’ve seen. God bless Michael, Sammy and you Patrick for making this happen. Amazing.

  13. Good god Sammy never shuts up. He doesn’t let Michael get in a word. Not to mention he’s painfully insecure. He was obsessed with topping Michael the whole time. I guarantee Michael will never have any kind of friendship with Sammy. He insulted Michael the whole time to pump himself up and act like he was teaching Michael about la cosa nostra😂 guy is so insecure it’s unreal. He’s the kind of guy I could never be around

  14. Sammy was talking out of both sides of his mouth the entire 10 episodes …😂 he’s the guy who disagrees no matter what you say and knows it all. He came off so bad in this. Michael came off as a intelligent very very patient guy. One episode he said Michaels dad was stupid for standing up and the next he was saying sonny did the right thing. He’s so insecure and sensitive about how he’s perceived. He’s a sad pathetic little man imho

  15. Well done to the whole PBD crew. This was well worth waiting for , the stories and checking back and forth. Love that Pat didn’t sugar coat the questions or comments. Loved it and love the stories these guys share but really would love to see a movie on each one and done the right way. I’ll raise my hand to be cast as an extra …… thanks for this

  16. As much hate there was in the beginning of the episodes…as much hate there was in the history of both Michael and Sammy in the past , seeing the beautiful moment in the last episode where they spoke from their heart towards each other because they got to physically sit down and talk to each other was extremely reveling as an audience watching and that have been following the stories of both the lifes.
    I’m very sure that the appreciation is highly appreciated from Michael and Sammy towards Patrick and his collogues to give the effort and energy to make this sitdown that im very sure made Michael and Sammy the top most happiest individuals in the world due to that they dont have or hold any grudge towards eachother anymore.
    Very very beautifully done and you learn alot from looking at how both speak and negotiate.

  17. Amazing production quality, no one should complain about the price because the cost to put this together had to have been in the 100’s of thousands, even the wind noise gave it a great sense of authenticity for the location being a Mediterranean castle. I hope Michael & Sammy can leave that witsec video behind them, is see both sides, believe Michael did it unwittingly without malice, but certainly understand Sammy feeling compared to those gaming the system, & he very well may have, it’s possible. Great show, I’m glad I bought it, easily could have been more.

  18. 3 of my 4 youtube subscriptions in 1 program. How could I lose?
    I enjoyed it. Many hours of great conversation.

    Of note: (I’m a sharp bastard)
    I’m fairly certain I saw a rare moment of emotion from Michael when he says the word ‘proud’
    shortly after the 35:55 mark. It’s very discreet, but….

  19. I think Michael is con artist and Sammy is ma.n that will kill you if you did him wrong or messed with him . But I also believe Sammy is honest about who he is what his about

  20. I have the utmost respect to both of them. Through the heated arguments to the sincere comments. I never thought I could be more proud to be Italian.

  21. Just goes to show, no matter how much you think you’ve learned from these two, there’s always more to discover.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation.
    I wish Michael and Sammy could be friends in the end, which is probably what led me to pursue watching this in the first place. Still a highly enjoyable watch.

    Thank you

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